About Me

anna-wijnands-fashion-illustrator-amsterdam-tote-bags-aboutDrawing and painting is what I love doing most. Especially fashion, beauty and lifestyle related scenes. My favourite mediums to work with are watercolour and ink. My commissioned work varies from illustrations for cosmetics packaging to portraits. I also specialise in live-illustration at events. 

I'm a self-taught artist. I have two university degrees in Law, but in the end I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career as a fashion illustrator. I started out in 2015 and it was hard work in the beginning. I had to build everything myself with no experience in the fashion or art world. But I got there and now my clients include Louis Vuitton, Dior and The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. If you want to see more of my illustration work, take a look at www.annasillustrations.net or follow me on Instagram: @anna_wijnands.